Gel Toe Separators & Toe Spacers for Feet with Overlapping Toes


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    Gel Toe Separators & Toe Spacers for Feet with Overlapping Toes, Gel Toe Separators for Pedicure, Nail Polish, Toenail Trimming

    • Healthy Toes: Our Toe Separator is the perfect natural solution to all your feet problems. Correct your toes by wearing them daily for 15 minutes and feeling the difference!
    • Multi-Use Toe Dividers – Our soft, stretchy toe separators are a must-have for at home pedicures. The spreaders keep your toes from touching each other while they are drying after a nail polish change. They can also make it easier to trim and file your toenails and can provide temporary pain relief for overlapping toes.
    • Sizes: Our Silicone Toe Straightener is suitable for multiple sizes, from small to big toe. This is ideal for sizes 9 & below
    • Recommended by Professionals: Toe Corrector and Stretchers are recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons for overlapping toes, hammertoes, toe cushions or as toe dividers for feet problems.
    • Designed For Effectiveness: Our Gel Toe Spacers are highly effective while being comfortable on your toes. The comfort increases with time as your toes regain their original orientation!
    • Multipurpose & Reusable: Made of high quality gel which is latex free & washable making it reusable & comfortable to wear. Can easily be used for Pedicure, Yoga exercises, plantar fasciitis, bunion splints & straightening hammered toes
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